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The Start of a New Year.

SSM New Site Screencap

I’ve resisted posting anything to this site for the last couple of months since a new site is in the works. Seeing as it’s not quite finished, I should make a quick update.

I’ve been growing Sideshow Massacre, taking on new clients, new challenges and have even gotten into new equipment.

Sideshow Massacre can now do decals and vinyl graphics. All of those illustrative things we do can now be turned into heavy duty, all weather decals and installed practically anywhere. Now the quest is on for clientele, trying to explain that we don’t ONLY do vomit and peens.

Robot Decal Cutsheet


2013 is already shaping up to be mind blowing. Huge plans are in the works (starting with finally dropping the new site). More shows, more art, more deviant behaviour.

Check us out on Facebook for the regular updates and anything interesting we’re doing when not posting here.


So Sticky. Bring in the Blacklight. *Wiener Warning*

There are so many exciting things dropping soon that I can’t yet talk about. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with one-off hand-drawn stickers.

I work with my hands. What’s a Photoshop?

Any questions about what art really is, Google “Butter Dance”.

Look, I’m a Walmart.

Just opened a store over at I’ll keep it filled with stickers, toys and other inexpensive things that I love to make and long to release into the real world.

I’ll find a way to incorporate it into this blog, but it can also be found through the Sideshow Massacre Facebook page.

Adhesives aren’t Just for Sniffing.

More than anything this is a thank-you and shout out to Andy and the rest of the folks at Metropol. All the stickers turned out perfectly but it was the super fast and friendly communication and the fact that it took less then 24-hours from the time I got the quote to the time I picked up all the stickers. They will be my -go-to shop for all printing from now on.

I’m thinking about holding a contest. Sticker packs, shirts, hoodies…hmmm…

Details to come!

I’m Back and I got Prezzies!

I spent my Christmas time back in Ontario with friends and family but I’m back and ready to get some work done. Well I was away I recieved a few sticker packs, very exciting. Also, if you pass through Vancouver near the Bridgeport station, go by Sushi from the sketchy trailer caravan across the street, love it.

Keep reading for stickers…HURRAY STICKERS!


Some New Stuff!

In my quest to design a Spaghetti monster, some creatures didn’t make the cut. There’s still hope, I still love him.

Now for anyone interested, all of my sticker designs are available in heavy duty vinyl with a UV resistant laminate. The larger characters are $2 each with the exception of the Blocktopi at $1.50. Any of the small characters (dinos, small braintestines etc.) will be $1.

Take a look at my previous sticker posts and tell your friends. Perfect stocking stuffers I assume.

The Mailbox Breaker

One more sticker pack. This monster came from Devon in the U.K. from Talek. Mostly his own stuff but a couple from other artists he’s already traded with.

There’s work to be done.