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The Mailbox Breaker

One more sticker pack. This monster came from Devon in the U.K. from Talek. Mostly his own stuff but a couple from other artists he’s already traded with.

There’s work to be done.


I’m Running Out of Jokes About Stickiness.

I’ve been sending sticker packs out to the far reaches of the globe, England, New Zealand, Austria and the U.S among others. Now I’m starting to get packs in return. Somehow Thomo got his pack to me from the U.K. in a matter of days. Each one hand made and barely containing the force of the colours used.

I also recieved my sample pack from Sticker Robot. The quality is fantastic. It was a rag tag assortment to show off what they can do. Definitely worth looking into if I ever have a budget of more then $0 or whenever I lose all feeling in my hand from all the cutting I’ve been doing.

More to come on the sticker front!

The Application of a Medium to a Surface.