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And I Work in a Button Factory

These have been going so fast I haven’t even had a chance to advertise or push them anywhere. 1″ buttons with some familiar designs, I’m selling this inaugural run for ONE DOLLAR EACH

That’s right, ONE DOLLAR…but they’re almost gone. Let me know!

These buttons come with amazing powers…true story. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Vancouver and I notice a couple with a ton of buttons on their person. I decided people with that many buttons definitely needed more buttons so off I went to introduce myself. I met Robin and Rebecca (I think and hope) Rebecca (if I actually remembered her name) is an animator and just finishing her work on My Little Pony. Robin is an artist and responsible for a very adult yearly anthology called Sleazy Slice.

He gave my a copy of the latest comic, unexpected bartering is awesome.

The moral of the story is talk to people, they are sometime awesome artists who will exchange pornographic comics for cartoons on buttons.

I can’t really show you more of book here, but curious adults can look up Robin Bougie, super talented guy.

Wrap up…

Buy my buttons
Buttons can be exchanged for artistic porn
BUY MY BUTTONS (also, prints, magnets, soul).


I was snooping around Robin Bougies stuff. Turns out he is a vastly published, immensely talented writer/artist/publisher. For super coincidence as well, I picked up a copy of the Inkstuds book over the weekend. Not strange in and of itself but it turns out that Robins wife is Rebecca Dart (I’m glad I remembered her name) a featured artist in the book who had received huge attention for her book Rabbithead.

Holy shit, so rad and strange. Real live, published, creative people. Weird weekend.

Check their work out.