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Forever Awful. First Gala ever, check.

You can continue to see the work all month though. You should check it out. The shenanigans went down at Talk’s Cheap 556B Pandora ave. and that’s where it remains.

More pictures of my first solo outing, after this break.



There Are Actual Creative People on this Island.

Not just hacks.

As I slog through a massive mental block, I might as well throw up some more people that inspire me. If you’re already familiar with them, great. If not, you should get acquainted…stalking is acceptable. I assume.

Skit for Brains is a Victoria based sketch comedy group. A spattering of nerdisms, Canadiana and boundless energy are presented in video format.

With groups like Picnicface gaining so much attention, SFB are criminally underrated and hysterically talented.

Watch the video above, then the rest of them.

Introducing…something. Me?

Darryl from the unstoppably creative Skit For Brains. Took it upon himself to do a little Sideshow Massacre animation. I was blown away by the unexpected gesture and unbelievable result.

There are two versions. Watch both (they’re really short) and leave your opinions at the bottom.

Check these out and then head over to SFB’s website (link above, or to the right in my blargroll)>

Second Version, what do you think?