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King of the Sea, and All the Men Involved.

New work once again. As always, line art by me, colour and letters by Dustin of Cloud City. This one’s for Dustin’s personal band My Broken Hero. Check out the music now, the shirts will be available soon and go exchange your money for the goods and services Dustin offers.

Comment, share, criticize…I’m not picky but do something with the above information.

Love your face.


I Think I’ve Considered Maybe Deciding to Look Into this.

I like it. I think this may be the image for the first ever Sideshow Massacre t-shirt! The hard part is colours, here we go.

Relief From the Shame of Ugly Nipples.

The plan of attack is to have some shirts printed. Right now I’m thinking a light colour on a dark shirt because of my personal aversion to white shirts. Hoodies will come down the pipe eventually (faster if the shirts go well).

This is the image I’m going with as it’s been the most requested at this point. Mr. A on the left and Mr. B on the right each have different feet (or some interpretation of feet). I can’t decide on which foot is the right foot to get off on…?

Also, while you’re staring at robot feet. Any colour requests?