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To Market, To Market…

Since we’re on the topic of the Rock n’ Roll market (I was), I thought I’d get an opinion on these handy canvas bags?

Would anybody rock an affordable and unbelievably versatile canvas bag?

Just think of what you could carry.

Think about it.


Friday, a Full Week of Featured Freaks.

Just keep pushing. Big things take time.

Immortalized Once Again

First it was Forza. Now Josh’s Deadbeats 240 has show up on Live for Speed complete with the Sideshow Massacre zombie and robot.

It’s funny where these little bastard paintings end up.

Not Quite Alive, Not Quite Dead

Doing some new work, the new paper has me inspired and giddy…wait, not giddy. Subject matter is the same. Monsters and robots, always monsters and robots.

Olio Doodlejam

Olio had a doodle jam this past week. It was a chance for a bunch of artists to get together and casually draw and hang out. I wasn’t feeling very social, I kept my head down and doodled for a while. It was good to meet Shawn O’Keefe and Ryan Thompson in person and see some old faces, even though I couldn’t carry on a conversation.

Domo Aragato Mr. Cliche…face.

Something new for this morning. Subject matter isn’t new but colour is a huge adjustment since I’ve been black and white only for so many years.

Comments are welcome as always.