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Every time I arrive here I’m surprised how long it’s been since my last visit. I haven’t quite got to the point where I recognize the blog as just as important to what I’m doing in my art life as the art itself. It always seems as though I’m working away on physical things, hands-on things, meanwhile this online presence becomes a no-man’s-land.

With the school season now in full swing, my job has become a weighty creature that can’t seem to be reconciled with my urge to do creative things. I’m still managing to keep myself motivated and still pushing ahead with the creative trip I embarked on almost a year ago but there are days when it feels like I’m living two incompatible lives.


At this point, my artwork/t-shirts/swag are a permanent fixture at Monster Party and Talk’s Cheap. Monster Party will be having its next group show mid-November, I’ll have new work there. There are some small paintings up in Absolute Underground. I’ll have some new work there as well in just a couple of weeks for their yearly Zombie Feast art show.

The Broken-Hearted Robot shirts and hoodies are still available ($15/$35) available directly from me or down at Talk’s Cheap.

I’ll be making a gaggle of posts this evening to try and get things mostly up to date. The site will be changing over the next couple of months to reflect my new work and reduce the quantity of old doodles that really helped me start all of this.

To anyone still reading or returning here again and again,

Thank you.

My domain’s about to expire too. I can’t believe it’s been a year.


Feeling kind of directionless at the moment, no clear path for what I want to do.

The colouring work I was doing on the upcoming Zombie Jesus graphic novel has wrapped up, it’s at the printers as we speak. In the meantime, this happened.

I’m still selling robot t-shirts (both mens and womens),robot hoodies, pins, original artwork etc. If you’re on Vancouver Island, check my stuff out downtown in Talk’s Cheap/Monster Party 556B Pandora or contact me through this site for sizes, colours and of course commissions.

Assertive is my word of the day, and a goal for the near future.

Welcoming Our New Overlords

Robot Party has come and gone but the carnage remains. You missed out if you weren’t at the show but there’s still time, the artwork will be up for another few weeks.

So many talented artists and the metal-loving masses converged on Monster Party, including some emissaries from Skynet. Read more, or look at pictars, after the break.


Vinyl Fetish

I’m really going to have to start updating this thing daily or pretty close. There is so much work being done that when it comes to sitting down and writing about it, I’m at a loss.

Read, there are doings a transpiring.


The Past Week…

Monster Party is back. It opened in it’s new Pandora St. location last Friday with a night of music and art. Featuring the art of Kelly Shpeley (plush robots, fantastic oil paintings and elaborate sculpture), Jessica Harvey (the monster face wall and door hand), Me (various canvases) and the man himself Phil Osborne (he built the world, we just lived in it). Read on for more pics.


They’re Here

The newest incarnation of Monster Party opens tonight inside the hallowed walls of Talk’s Cheap. Art, DJs and debauchery are the order of the evening.

"Use your brains to help us"

If you are in the Victoria area, come down to the corner of Pandora and Government.

556 B Pandora Ave
Victoria, BC, V8W 1N7

Shit gets real at 8pm.

For more of my new pieces, keep reading.


The Best Kind of Party.

With the Blackbook deal out of the way for a couple of days (I’ll probably enter the next one tomorrow) I’ve started the next item on my list of things to do.

I’ve been invited to put some pieces up at a small gallery downtown called Monster Party…seems appropriate. Seeing as I’m on a dirty demon drawing kick, I may as well continue that trend.

Not quite there, but it’s a start.

Hello internet.