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Other People Do Cool Shit? Apparently.

One last post tonight I swear. There are a couple of people everyone needs to check out.

First off is my buddy Sponk out of Germany. He just dropped a fun video showing some of his process and a lot of solid graffiti work. Give it a watch, give it a like.

The second is a friend of mine from right here in Victoria. Whitsteen is a creative force and the man behind the bi-weekly comic Platform. Issue #5 is dropping this week so you have some catching up to do. They’re available at Talk’s Cheap, Legends and through Whitsteen himself.

Support independent art. It has bills to pay.

Follow Along Kids!

A ways back I posted about painting a second car. Adding a robo-hobo to the hood of a hot Silvia. I also mentioned that due to the massive amount of pictures taken by my partner-in-crime, I would be able to do a step by step of sorts.

Well, it happened. I just forgot to link it here. If you haven’t checked out Instructables you should, and my tutorial would be a great place to start. Right below, keep reading.

Painting Cars

As always, I’m interested in peoples thoughts/opinions, I’ll even take some trolling.

You’re nobody until someone hates you.

Blood…and Some Black Stuff

Blackbook battle once again. I’m a little late posting it up here, the results are already in. Despite being overwhelmed with how good my competitions entry was I managed to tie. I’d call shenanigans if the judges had any conceivable reason to favour me.

Black and white battle but still, I don’t get it.