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Immortalized Once Again

First it was Forza. Now Josh’s Deadbeats 240 has show up on Live for Speed complete with the Sideshow Massacre zombie and robot.

It’s funny where these little bastard paintings end up.

Protecting the Brain. Well, the Head Anyway.


So…this happened. Full pics after the break!

Next drift event is October 16th, if you’re on the island or anywhere near the West coast, your attendance is mandatory.


Drifters Gonna Drift

The pictures from Penticton are starting to appear across the webiverse. The team at Big Boy Media have amazing shots from the day HERE, they are the source for all things drift and automotive in the West. Check out their site or find them/like them on Facebook, they like you, it’s only polite.

Thanks to Josh Reading and Gaelen Norman for letting me throw some artwork action shots up on this blarg as well.

Sideshow Massacre brand rims. Yup, I’m a pretty big deal.

More after the break.