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Tuesday’s Featured Freak!

Writing a business plan over the next couple of weeks. Not as much fun as drawing vomit, but serious business is on the way.



Olio Doodlejam

Olio had a doodle jam this past week. It was a chance for a bunch of artists to get together and casually draw and hang out. I wasn’t feeling very social, I kept my head down and doodled for a while. It was good to meet Shawn O’Keefe and Ryan Thompson in person and see some old faces, even though I couldn’t carry on a conversation.

Now I Just Need to Learn to Draw Bodies

All along the similar vein. I’m going to figure out what exists below the neck one day, just not today.

Working on a couple of commissions. I really can’t believe how this blog is working out but I’m thankful for all who stop by.

Hello folks!

The Best Kind of Party.

With the Blackbook deal out of the way for a couple of days (I’ll probably enter the next one tomorrow) I’ve started the next item on my list of things to do.

I’ve been invited to put some pieces up at a small gallery downtown called Monster Party…seems appropriate. Seeing as I’m on a dirty demon drawing kick, I may as well continue that trend.

Not quite there, but it’s a start.

Hello internet.