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Coming Soon.

Friday February 4 there is a new old art space/gallery opening in downtown Victoria. It’s the second incarnation of Monster Party. Come down, check it out starting at about 8. I’ll have some work up that I’ll share here next weekend but you should definitely check it out in person if you’re in the area.

It’s in Talk’s Cheap

556b Pandora Ave.
Victoria B.C.

Now, for a small update.

The answer is yes, I do amuse myself. Sometimes all you need is paper towel a pen and a 15 minute break at work.



Straight Flingin’

New doodle, while sitting watching The Social Network. Not sure why it made me think of poo.

Also threw together a small Neck Face tribute for this weeks Blackbook Battle. I’m still new to graffiti in general so I don’t seem to have the same heroes or the same history as a lot of the battling community. Still happy with how it looks.

Another post very shortly.

I’m Wearing my Battle Pants. Yes, they are fancy.

A couple of Blackbook battles since I’ve been back. Almost missed the zombie battle last week with travel and travel recovery. Just made it. Looking for some better grey markers, these ones are a little underwhelming.

The most recent battle (today!) was character free which is difficult for me. My character work far outshines any lettering and typography, hopefully battles like this will help me build a well rounded ability.

There are a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe fast, t-shirts, hoodies and fun. Keep your eyes on the blog. Comment, positive and negative are both desired to validate my existence. Tell your friends, enemies and strangers your undecided on.


Blood…and Some Black Stuff

Blackbook battle once again. I’m a little late posting it up here, the results are already in. Despite being overwhelmed with how good my competitions entry was I managed to tie. I’d call shenanigans if the judges had any conceivable reason to favour me.

Black and white battle but still, I don’t get it.

Japanese Print Blackbook Battle!

A little long for the scanner but hopefully you get the gist.

Wish me luck in the first battle of this new season.

End of the Battle Season

My first Blackbook Battle season is coming to a close. Without knowing how this last entry will fare I believe I’m sitting at three wins and three ties. Not bad, I can do better.

The last entry, my opponents entry is strong so we’ll see how it goes.

Blackbook Battle 5

Blackbook Battle update once again. It’s November so the group went with a Remembrance/Veterans day theme. I liked the design so much that I turned it into a sticker sheet.

For the battle itself, I posted up the original line work and my newly minted military might.

Peace is bloody business.

Lest we forget.