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New Sideshow Massacre Shirts

The other big news this weekend are two new Sideshow Massacre shirts.

Following the sell out and retirement of my previous robot shirts, I have new robot shirts!

Available in red, grey, light blue and dark blue (only two dark blue left).

I’m also dropping a limited number of the Morgue Style shirts on black and white.

All Sideshow Massacre shirts are now $15

Cold weather mean more layers…which means buy 3 of these shirts and wear them simultaneously. Increase your style and your girth.


Morgue Style has Arrived – No Head for the Undead

Working on a new t-shirt here at Sideshow Massacre.

A couple of colourways should arrive soon.

Morgue Style – No Head for the Undead

I’d wear it, would you wear it?

Forever Awful. First Gala ever, check.

You can continue to see the work all month though. You should check it out. The shenanigans went down at Talk’s Cheap 556B Pandora ave. and that’s where it remains.

More pictures of my first solo outing, after this break.


Delaminated, and Out for Revenge.

The group that brings the wall-tapping, tire-killing depravity to Vancouver Island has a new shirt. I think pre-sales are being done at the next event, don’t miss out.

Make sure you’re following Capital Drift, to keep up on all the upcoming events.


Feeling kind of directionless at the moment, no clear path for what I want to do.

The colouring work I was doing on the upcoming Zombie Jesus graphic novel has wrapped up, it’s at the printers as we speak. In the meantime, this happened.

I’m still selling robot t-shirts (both mens and womens),robot hoodies, pins, original artwork etc. If you’re on Vancouver Island, check my stuff out downtown in Talk’s Cheap/Monster Party 556B Pandora or contact me through this site for sizes, colours and of course commissions.

Assertive is my word of the day, and a goal for the near future.

Welcoming Our New Overlords

Robot Party has come and gone but the carnage remains. You missed out if you weren’t at the show but there’s still time, the artwork will be up for another few weeks.

So many talented artists and the metal-loving masses converged on Monster Party, including some emissaries from Skynet. Read more, or look at pictars, after the break.


King of the Sea, and All the Men Involved.

New work once again. As always, line art by me, colour and letters by Dustin of Cloud City. This one’s for Dustin’s personal band My Broken Hero. Check out the music now, the shirts will be available soon and go exchange your money for the goods and services Dustin offers.

Comment, share, criticize…I’m not picky but do something with the above information.

Love your face.