Sticker Trading

Adhesives aren’t Just for Sniffing.

More than anything this is a thank-you and shout out to Andy and the rest of the folks at Metropol. All the stickers turned out perfectly but it was the super fast and friendly communication and the fact that it took less then 24-hours from the time I got the quote to the time I picked up all the stickers. They will be my -go-to shop for all printing from now on.

I’m thinking about holding a contest. Sticker packs, shirts, hoodies…hmmm…

Details to come!


I’m Back and I got Prezzies!

I spent my Christmas time back in Ontario with friends and family but I’m back and ready to get some work done. Well I was away I recieved a few sticker packs, very exciting. Also, if you pass through Vancouver near the Bridgeport station, go by Sushi from the sketchy trailer caravan across the street, love it.

Keep reading for stickers…HURRAY STICKERS!


“Dog will Hunt”

Blackbook battle time again. Anything goes this time around as far as characters or words are concerned. The theme is your favorite movie and it must feature the year the movie was made in the centre of the piece (trying to keep the cheaters at bay).

I’ve run into some issues colouring the piece but thought I’d throw it up hear a few days before I actually submit it.

The good thing to come from this is my Leatherface. I love him so much that he’s now immortalized in stickers. Yay STICKERS!


Received two sticker packs today. Neikoz out of North Carolina sent legit selection, quality vinyl with precise designs.

Out of Austria, “Come” is a man after my own heart. His characters are amazing

Coming soon to a town near you…well, a town near me at least.

Some New Stuff!

In my quest to design a Spaghetti monster, some creatures didn’t make the cut. There’s still hope, I still love him.

Now for anyone interested, all of my sticker designs are available in heavy duty vinyl with a UV resistant laminate. The larger characters are $2 each with the exception of the Blocktopi at $1.50. Any of the small characters (dinos, small braintestines etc.) will be $1.

Take a look at my previous sticker posts and tell your friends. Perfect stocking stuffers I assume.

The Mailbox Breaker

One more sticker pack. This monster came from Devon in the U.K. from Talek. Mostly his own stuff but a couple from other artists he’s already traded with.

There’s work to be done.

I’m Running Out of Jokes About Stickiness.

I’ve been sending sticker packs out to the far reaches of the globe, England, New Zealand, Austria and the U.S among others. Now I’m starting to get packs in return. Somehow Thomo got his pack to me from the U.K. in a matter of days. Each one hand made and barely containing the force of the colours used.

I also recieved my sample pack from Sticker Robot. The quality is fantastic. It was a rag tag assortment to show off what they can do. Definitely worth looking into if I ever have a budget of more then $0 or whenever I lose all feeling in my hand from all the cutting I’ve been doing.

More to come on the sticker front!