Site Updates

The Start of a New Year.

SSM New Site Screencap

I’ve resisted posting anything to this site for the last couple of months since a new site is in the works. Seeing as it’s not quite finished, I should make a quick update.

I’ve been growing Sideshow Massacre, taking on new clients, new challenges and have even gotten into new equipment.

Sideshow Massacre can now do decals and vinyl graphics. All of those illustrative things we do can now be turned into heavy duty, all weather decals and installed practically anywhere. Now the quest is on for clientele, trying to explain that we don’t ONLY do vomit and peens.

Robot Decal Cutsheet


2013 is already shaping up to be mind blowing. Huge plans are in the works (starting with finally dropping the new site). More shows, more art, more deviant behaviour.

Check us out on Facebook for the regular updates and anything interesting we’re doing when not posting here.

Coming June 29th…

Thanks again to Clawmageddon at Foxhound Digital for bringing the grotesque to life.

Introducing…something. Me?

Darryl from the unstoppably creative Skit For Brains. Took it upon himself to do a little Sideshow Massacre animation. I was blown away by the unexpected gesture and unbelievable result.

There are two versions. Watch both (they’re really short) and leave your opinions at the bottom.

Check these out and then head over to SFB’s website (link above, or to the right in my blargroll)>

Second Version, what do you think?

Follow Along Kids!

A ways back I posted about painting a second car. Adding a robo-hobo to the hood of a hot Silvia. I also mentioned that due to the massive amount of pictures taken by my partner-in-crime, I would be able to do a step by step of sorts.

Well, it happened. I just forgot to link it here. If you haven’t checked out Instructables you should, and my tutorial would be a great place to start. Right below, keep reading.

Painting Cars

As always, I’m interested in peoples thoughts/opinions, I’ll even take some trolling.

You’re nobody until someone hates you.


There will be a few posts tonight to clog up people’s feeds. I seem to post in bursts, there are always things going on but sometimes I like to wait until my work is out in the general public before I talk about it here.

This first post is just superfluous. Simple things that have made me happy the last couple of weeks.

Good food.

Secretly smuggled, foreign drinks.

Supplies and experiments.

As always, keep reading. Comment if you want me to keep posting, comment if you want me to stop.

Back in a minute.

Thank you! Yes, YOU!

Just to make sure I double-blip on everyone’s interweb, I’m making another quick post. After some delays, the perk packages from my Indie GoGo fundraising are all ready to go. I’m thrilled with how everything turned out and still blown away by the generosity extended to me.

I also have to give a huge shout out to Dustin at Cloud City Merchandising again. He has come through over and over with all my printing needs, I’ll post up the new buttons and hoodies very soon.

You guys are awesome.


I Feel Busy, Oh So Busy.

Just a couple of things to tell both my fans. I’m still finishing up the last of the perks for those that supported me through Indie GoGo, there’s been a slight hold-up with the buttons but everything is just about ready to go.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cloud City Merchandising is up and running. Dustin did my first run of broken hearted robot shirts, I’ve been doing artwork for his various t-shirt the last little while. Check out his page and the pictures. Unbelievable guy to work with, I wish him massive success in his new endeavor.

Background and text by Dustin of Cloud City, robot by me. I’ll have a full size pic up in commission work soon.

I’ve also joined the 13 Flames Empire Team doing flatting (basic colouring duties) on their Zombie Jesus graphic novel. Check out their page, like it…or don’t…I recommend do.

Zombie Jesus #2 Cover.
Design by Tim Vigil
Colours by Lawrence Denvir

More updates coming, some with extra pictures.

There’s an art show coming up at the beginning of April, more on that later. I know how boring all these words can be.

The Gates to Cloud City are Now Open

Based out of Port Alberni, Cloud City Merchandising is open and ready for your business. It’s targeted at people who don’t suck. So, if you’re awesome and need screen printing/graphic design you need to give Dustin a call.

Cloud City Merchandising <–Go Here

See. Rad.

Indie Go Go Gone!

Over the last couple of months I was running a small fundraiser through Indie Go Go. I’m immensely grateful for the support and want to take this opportunity to thank my donors. THANK YOU!

It wasn’t quite enough to embark on my next big project, it will however allow me to start producing t-shirts, hoodies and other cool things to continue towards my goals.

As I complete the swag for these generous lunatics I’ll be posting them up on here so the rest of you know what you missed out on.

Thank you everybody currently reading this.

IndieGoGo Fundraising!

I’ve been going back and forth for some time. Making small adjustments and agonizing over trying it but here it is. I’ve put together a project through IndieGoGo which allows large groups of people to each donate a small amount of money to fund various projects art/film/causes etc.

Promotion, especially self-promotion has been a huge hurdle for me but if I expect to learn anything from this first attempt, I really just have to put myself out there.

You can read up on my plans for a mobile art studio there and check out the IndieGoGo site, some of the projects are really interesting. I’ve already done a bit of funding myself.

Share this blog with everyone.


I have none. I’ve resorted to taking pictures of the art work until I get a scanner. I’ve added a sketchbook section full of all my recent doodling, tabs at the top.

I think I’ll start spreading this blog around as it sits currently and see what happens.

If you like it tell your friends, if you don’t like it tell your friends and enemies. Oh, tell your Grandma as well. She’s a super lady.

Questions, comments, concerns, COMMISSIONS feel free to contact me.

I Made This for You.

I haven’t released this blog on the unsuspecting masses yet, I understand I’m currently talking to myself. However, this will let everyone know what was going on right at the beginning.

I’ve added a number of new tabs at the top, these may change as I figure out the best way to organize things.

Automotive: Currently shows the freehand sharpie work I’ve been doing on vehicles.

Clothing: Stenciling and screen printing I have done.

I ♥ Sharpies: Miscellaneous marker work. Different materials.

Paintings: Should be self explanatory.

Lastly and most important BUY ME! These are completed pieces up for sale.