Feeling kind of directionless at the moment, no clear path for what I want to do.

The colouring work I was doing on the upcoming Zombie Jesus graphic novel has wrapped up, it’s at the printers as we speak. In the meantime, this happened.

I’m still selling robot t-shirts (both mens and womens),robot hoodies, pins, original artwork etc. If you’re on Vancouver Island, check my stuff out downtown in Talk’s Cheap/Monster Party 556B Pandora or contact me through this site for sizes, colours and of course commissions.

Assertive is my word of the day, and a goal for the near future.


New Work Deserves New Watch

Finished a small painting today…maybe…almost finished. Also threw together some Sideshow Massacre swag packs for anyone wanting to add danger and excitement to their life.

Kept plugging away at the graphic novel flatting work, the end is in sight.

Lastly, though I’m not one for wearing watches, I bought a watch.

Of course it turns into a robot. What?

“Various Shapes Mysteriously formed as wishes” Thank you Hong Kong circa 1982


Spray Jobs in Back Alleys

With the highly anticipated Drift Union Invitational coming up this past weekend, I had a friend looking for some artwork on his drift slag. I would say that Josh is one of the most interesting island drifters to watch if not one of the best. I knew that there would be a lot of eyes on his car.

I’ve done a lot of small black and white work on friends cars, you can find some of it in the tabs up above, but I wanted this to be a little more ambitious and involved.

Keep reading (looking at pictures) after the break.


Vinyl Fetish

I’m really going to have to start updating this thing daily or pretty close. There is so much work being done that when it comes to sitting down and writing about it, I’m at a loss.

Read, there are doings a transpiring.


The Past Week…

Monster Party is back. It opened in it’s new Pandora St. location last Friday with a night of music and art. Featuring the art of Kelly Shpeley (plush robots, fantastic oil paintings and elaborate sculpture), Jessica Harvey (the monster face wall and door hand), Me (various canvases) and the man himself Phil Osborne (he built the world, we just lived in it). Read on for more pics.


Colourful Foursome

4 canvases. Acrylic paint, ink and love. Looming over them is the 10″ sticker of moderate destruction.

Blackbook piece needs to be done tonight. Guess I should get to work.

Curse Those Evil Blocktopi!

A couple more small canvases. A mix of acrylic and marker. The monster’s not quite done. Since my brain only seems to work in black and white, there is always indecision when it comes to adding colour.