New Work

The Start of a New Year.

SSM New Site Screencap

I’ve resisted posting anything to this site for the last couple of months since a new site is in the works. Seeing as it’s not quite finished, I should make a quick update.

I’ve been growing Sideshow Massacre, taking on new clients, new challenges and have even gotten into new equipment.

Sideshow Massacre can now do decals and vinyl graphics. All of those illustrative things we do can now be turned into heavy duty, all weather decals and installed practically anywhere. Now the quest is on for clientele, trying to explain that we don’t ONLY do vomit and peens.

Robot Decal Cutsheet


2013 is already shaping up to be mind blowing. Huge plans are in the works (starting with finally dropping the new site). More shows, more art, more deviant behaviour.

Check us out on Facebook for the regular updates and anything interesting we’re doing when not posting here.

New Sideshow Massacre Shirts

The other big news this weekend are two new Sideshow Massacre shirts.

Following the sell out and retirement of my previous robot shirts, I have new robot shirts!

Available in red, grey, light blue and dark blue (only two dark blue left).

I’m also dropping a limited number of the Morgue Style shirts on black and white.

All Sideshow Massacre shirts are now $15

Cold weather mean more layers…which means buy 3 of these shirts and wear them simultaneously. Increase your style and your girth.

To Market, To Market…

Since we’re on the topic of the Rock n’ Roll market (I was), I thought I’d get an opinion on these handy canvas bags?

Would anybody rock an affordable and unbelievably versatile canvas bag?

Just think of what you could carry.

Think about it.


To All a Good Night…

My sister has been visiting since Saturday so I have accomplished next to nothing. The freaks will be back to normal in just a few days. In the meantime I’m trying to drum up some interest in Christmas cards, ’tis the season.

I will be printing early next week. They’re available through me at, through comments on this post or through the Sideshow Massacre Facebook page.

There will also be a Sideshow Massacre table at this year’s Rock n’ Roll market at Logan’s. So if you’re in the Victoria area the weekend of November 24th, pop in and say “hi”.

Tuesday’s Featured Freak!

Writing a business plan over the next couple of weeks. Not as much fun as drawing vomit, but serious business is on the way.


Mondays Featured Freak!

I’m introducing the Featured Freak as of today. They will be daily posts that keep the blog moving while I work on larger, quieter projects. Check back often.

As always, I’d love to hear from folks. Share it around if your really like the work, and return often.

Morgue Style has Arrived – No Head for the Undead

Working on a new t-shirt here at Sideshow Massacre.

A couple of colourways should arrive soon.

Morgue Style – No Head for the Undead

I’d wear it, would you wear it?


New pins made from an old friend. Huge selection of colours.

Blocktopi pins $2

Braintestine Pins $2.50

Braintestine Cuff Links $12.50

Shipping costs here in Canada are the pits so package together as much as you can.

Questions, comments, concerns and orders.

dcptcon @ hotmail dot com or through the Sideshow Massacre Facebook page.

Duke of Sooke Hillclimb

This will just be a brief post to assure my blog that I haven’t forsaken it. There are a ton of commissions on the go, as they are finished I’ll be able to start posting them.

In the meantime, a friends birthday was celebrated with the first annual Duke of Sooke Hillclimb. This involved a $200 car, 5 acres of wilderness (give or take), an unused terrifying gravel “road” and a full day of fun.

First the car needed some styling.

More after the jump. Beware, post DOES contain peens!


Vacationing Like an Octogenarian

I think I should just throw together a post rather then posting one photo at a time on the Facebook.

My little “vacation” has given me time to work on some doodles and anything I can make sitting down.

If you’re visiting from said Facebook, then you may have seen the first two.

Making some stickers from an old design. Just paper. Thinking about letting them see the world.

Craving bigger stickers…hmmmm…

Last doodle. Top secret. Between you me and the other three readers this blog gets.

I’m also getting caught up on the last 9 years in television thanks to netflix. Have you seen Lost? It’s not bad lol

Share this, spread the disease!

It Sure is…

I love metal coolers, and spamming photos.

Therefore, today must be a dream come true.

Intake on the Uptake

Less then three weeks before my first solo dealy. Still so much to do. It’s taking all my will power to not post any of the show things up here. You understand…right? No? Fine. Why do we have to fight in front of company?

There was at least one blip in the show prep.

Intake for a friends Jetta project.

Not breaking new ground, but I sure do like painting corpses and vomit.

Sideshow Massacre loves you…

Coming soon. Off-Gassing Party!

In love with customizable toys…and afraid of, mostly afraid of.

So Sticky. Bring in the Blacklight. *Wiener Warning*

There are so many exciting things dropping soon that I can’t yet talk about. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with one-off hand-drawn stickers.

I work with my hands. What’s a Photoshop?

Any questions about what art really is, Google “Butter Dance”.

Eggs, Bunnies…ZOMBIES!

Happy Easter folks!!

Beardybrau. Of the Beard, For the Beard.

The lengths some people will go to for a laugh. Beer labels to surprise a friend before he does some homebrewing.

I’ll just leave this here but will post some process pics and more info soon.

Coming soon to a nowhere near you.

Introducing…something. Me?

Darryl from the unstoppably creative Skit For Brains. Took it upon himself to do a little Sideshow Massacre animation. I was blown away by the unexpected gesture and unbelievable result.

There are two versions. Watch both (they’re really short) and leave your opinions at the bottom.

Check these out and then head over to SFB’s website (link above, or to the right in my blargroll)>

Second Version, what do you think?

Look, I’m a Walmart.

Just opened a store over at I’ll keep it filled with stickers, toys and other inexpensive things that I love to make and long to release into the real world.

I’ll find a way to incorporate it into this blog, but it can also be found through the Sideshow Massacre Facebook page.

Getting Floored!

I think a ratty van fits in well with the aesthetic of the Sideshow Massacre “brand”. Finally got started on my new workspace!

The wood is cut for the work and seating areas so more updates are coming soon. It would be nice if the rain would stop.

Bentmafk the Noun? Verb?

Bentmafk is a video production company that was looking for some swag to get their name out into the world. I did up some line art for t-shirts and stickers and they should be real and existing very soon. I figure if the designs are available on their page HERE, then I can post them up as well.

There were actually two versions of the last design. I like the first one but we’ll see.

Keep your eye out for this stuff dropping and for some full colour designs (you may have noticed the zombie in a previous post).

Also, with the Dapper Camera shirt, which layout do you prefer?

Shredded Tire Update!

You may remember the shredded tire monster done for Capital Drift here on the island…no? You shame me. This.

Those shirts will finally be in existence this week. There’s a huge variety of colours and sizes but they wont last long. Contact me if you want to support grassroots motorsports on the island.

Now, to follow that up we have…illegitimate children!

These sweethearts will be available as stickers this week, through me or through Capital City Drift. Must have for any drift slag.

Now, where you come in. This little bastard needs a name.

Just a Peek…I’m Sure it Wont Hurt.

Just a little photoshop esperimentin’

Need to up the computer skills a fair amount.

Adhesives aren’t Just for Sniffing.

More than anything this is a thank-you and shout out to Andy and the rest of the folks at Metropol. All the stickers turned out perfectly but it was the super fast and friendly communication and the fact that it took less then 24-hours from the time I got the quote to the time I picked up all the stickers. They will be my -go-to shop for all printing from now on.

I’m thinking about holding a contest. Sticker packs, shirts, hoodies…hmmm…

Details to come!

I’m Sorry About That.

I swear I actually finished some legit work that I still can’t show yet. Luckily…luckily? I also did this.

I’m not sure where this is going but I do have plans for some colour in its future.