New pins made from an old friend. Huge selection of colours.

Blocktopi pins $2

Braintestine Pins $2.50

Braintestine Cuff Links $12.50

Shipping costs here in Canada are the pits so package together as much as you can.

Questions, comments, concerns and orders.

dcptcon @ hotmail dot com or through the Sideshow Massacre Facebook page.


It Sure is…

I love metal coolers, and spamming photos.

Therefore, today must be a dream come true.

Coming soon. Off-Gassing Party!

In love with customizable toys…and afraid of, mostly afraid of.

Bentmafk the Noun? Verb?

Bentmafk is a video production company that was looking for some swag to get their name out into the world. I did up some line art for t-shirts and stickers and they should be real and existing very soon. I figure if the designs are available on their page HERE, then I can post them up as well.

There were actually two versions of the last design. I like the first one but we’ll see.

Keep your eye out for this stuff dropping and for some full colour designs (you may have noticed the zombie in a previous post).

Also, with the Dapper Camera shirt, which layout do you prefer?


Feeling kind of directionless at the moment, no clear path for what I want to do.

The colouring work I was doing on the upcoming Zombie Jesus graphic novel has wrapped up, it’s at the printers as we speak. In the meantime, this happened.

I’m still selling robot t-shirts (both mens and womens),robot hoodies, pins, original artwork etc. If you’re on Vancouver Island, check my stuff out downtown in Talk’s Cheap/Monster Party 556B Pandora or contact me through this site for sizes, colours and of course commissions.

Assertive is my word of the day, and a goal for the near future.

Thank you! Yes, YOU!

Just to make sure I double-blip on everyone’s interweb, I’m making another quick post. After some delays, the perk packages from my Indie GoGo fundraising are all ready to go. I’m thrilled with how everything turned out and still blown away by the generosity extended to me.

I also have to give a huge shout out to Dustin at Cloud City Merchandising again. He has come through over and over with all my printing needs, I’ll post up the new buttons and hoodies very soon.

You guys are awesome.


Welcoming Our New Overlords

Robot Party has come and gone but the carnage remains. You missed out if you weren’t at the show but there’s still time, the artwork will be up for another few weeks.

So many talented artists and the metal-loving masses converged on Monster Party, including some emissaries from Skynet. Read more, or look at pictars, after the break.