Featured Freak

Cheating, Cheating Freaks.

Doing some hand colouring on the Christmas elf. Brainstorming in colour which doesn’t happen much.

Christmas cards will be finished and printed very soon. Wouldn’t your Nana love one?

I’m sure she would.

Birthday Freak…not Birthday Themed.

Hello Wednesday, nice to see you again.

I’m Late Featuring Freaks.

Monday on Tuesday, outrageous.

Friday, a Full Week of Featured Freaks.

Just keep pushing. Big things take time.

It’s the Featured Freak…

I don’t know if this is working for me…

However, I think I’ll be doing some Christmas cards once I clean up this present and add some colour and text.

Business plans are hard.

Featured Freak!

Spent the day behind the counter at Talk’s Cheap today. Learned to operate a record machine, I hear they’re the format of the future.

Tuesday’s Featured Freak!

Writing a business plan over the next couple of weeks. Not as much fun as drawing vomit, but serious business is on the way.


Mondays Featured Freak!

I’m introducing the Featured Freak as of today. They will be daily posts that keep the blog moving while I work on larger, quieter projects. Check back often.

As always, I’d love to hear from folks. Share it around if your really like the work, and return often.