Vacationing Like an Octogenarian

I think I should just throw together a post rather then posting one photo at a time on the Facebook.

My little “vacation” has given me time to work on some doodles and anything I can make sitting down.

If you’re visiting from said Facebook, then you may have seen the first two.

Making some stickers from an old design. Just paper. Thinking about letting them see the world.

Craving bigger stickers…hmmmm…

Last doodle. Top secret. Between you me and the other three readers this blog gets.

I’m also getting caught up on the last 9 years in television thanks to netflix. Have you seen Lost? It’s not bad lol

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Monday Doodle – Our Lumpy Leader

With this out of my system, I would say it’s time to get to work…for real…right now…

Just a Quickie Before Lunch

The Zombie Jesus graphic novel is done, printed and being bound as we speak. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the project and I picked up skills that I can now use on my own projects. The book will be available at the San Diego Comicon, Toronto’s Fan Expo in August and a locations around Victoria…also from me. I’ll have some pictures up once the book is in my hand.

As for new work. I picked up some of the tackiest gold 80’s frames ever from Value Village, brain frames! All it took was a little paint.

This handsome fellow was hung and sold before I could even update the blog, a big thank you to the new owner.

I have one more brain frame and a show coming up in August, they should be friends.

I Feel Busy, Oh So Busy.

Just a couple of things to tell both my fans. I’m still finishing up the last of the perks for those that supported me through Indie GoGo, there’s been a slight hold-up with the buttons but everything is just about ready to go.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cloud City Merchandising is up and running. Dustin did my first run of broken hearted robot shirts, I’ve been doing artwork for his various t-shirt the last little while. Check out his page and the pictures. Unbelievable guy to work with, I wish him massive success in his new endeavor.

Background and text by Dustin of Cloud City, robot by me. I’ll have a full size pic up in commission work soon.

I’ve also joined the 13 Flames Empire Team doing flatting (basic colouring duties) on their Zombie Jesus graphic novel. Check out their page, like it…or don’t…I recommend do.

Zombie Jesus #2 Cover.
Design by Tim Vigil
Colours by Lawrence Denvir

More updates coming, some with extra pictures.

There’s an art show coming up at the beginning of April, more on that later. I know how boring all these words can be.

To the 70’s then Back to the Future…in the present.

Experimenting with papers. 70’s comic style papers, future style drawings. I’m a time traveler. The backgrounds were created with a scanner, photoshop and patience, then printed and hand drawn on. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do things.


Olio Doodlejam

Olio had a doodle jam this past week. It was a chance for a bunch of artists to get together and casually draw and hang out. I wasn’t feeling very social, I kept my head down and doodled for a while. It was good to meet Shawn O’Keefe and Ryan Thompson in person and see some old faces, even though I couldn’t carry on a conversation.

Straight Flingin’

New doodle, while sitting watching The Social Network. Not sure why it made me think of poo.

Also threw together a small Neck Face tribute for this weeks Blackbook Battle. I’m still new to graffiti in general so I don’t seem to have the same heroes or the same history as a lot of the battling community. Still happy with how it looks.

Another post very shortly.

Doodle Strudel!

Random monster to keep the posts coming.

Some New Stuff!

In my quest to design a Spaghetti monster, some creatures didn’t make the cut. There’s still hope, I still love him.

Now for anyone interested, all of my sticker designs are available in heavy duty vinyl with a UV resistant laminate. The larger characters are $2 each with the exception of the Blocktopi at $1.50. Any of the small characters (dinos, small braintestines etc.) will be $1.

Take a look at my previous sticker posts and tell your friends. Perfect stocking stuffers I assume.

Meanwhile, at the Bent Mast…

Spent some time drinking Race Rocks and fumbling across blank pieces of paper. I’m having a severe brain blockage but it was nice to be drawing anything.

Also, my printable vinyl came in so it’s time for some weatherproof, UV proof, apocalypse proof vinyl stickers. I’m taking requests for the inaugural run.

The Application of a Medium to a Surface.

I Think I’ve Considered Maybe Deciding to Look Into this.

I like it. I think this may be the image for the first ever Sideshow Massacre t-shirt! The hard part is colours, here we go.

Horror Sugar and Processed Movies

That is all.

Now I Just Need to Learn to Draw Bodies

All along the similar vein. I’m going to figure out what exists below the neck one day, just not today.

Working on a couple of commissions. I really can’t believe how this blog is working out but I’m thankful for all who stop by.

Hello folks!

Fucked Up…dates.

I didn’t do much at the most recent drink and draw. There was a little more drinking than drawing this time around.

I wish I could lay claim to the monster but it’s actually a character from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends with slightly different colours, don’t ask.

How distracting is the not having a scanner thing? It bothers the crap out of me.

I’ve Been Slimed.

I’ve got this theme going on. Similarities from markery mess to markery mess. I’m not sure if I like what’s going on, but it’s a lot of fun while it’s happening.

Any thoughts?

The Evolution Solution

I guess I’ll keep doodling until I’m finally inspired to do something bigger and more complete.

Always looking for input. Should be easier the more I spam this blog out.

Spread it around folks.