Intake on the Uptake

Less then three weeks before my first solo dealy. Still so much to do. It’s taking all my will power to not post any of the show things up here. You understand…right? No? Fine. Why do we have to fight in front of company?

There was at least one blip in the show prep.

Intake for a friends Jetta project.

Not breaking new ground, but I sure do like painting corpses and vomit.

Sideshow Massacre loves you…

Protecting the Brain. Well, the Head Anyway.


So…this happened. Full pics after the break!

Next drift event is October 16th, if you’re on the island or anywhere near the West coast, your attendance is mandatory.


Hat Wappened?

I figured it was about time for an update. Life’s been hectic and with a promotion at work, making time for anything else has been very difficult.

My most recent artwork was and is part of an Easterish show at the Absolute Underground Store/Gallery. If you’re in Victoria you should pop down, it will be there for a few more weeks.

Big thanks to Ira and John for putting the show together and providing another venue for my stuff.

Also for pizza.


I Feel Busy, Oh So Busy.

Just a couple of things to tell both my fans. I’m still finishing up the last of the perks for those that supported me through Indie GoGo, there’s been a slight hold-up with the buttons but everything is just about ready to go.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cloud City Merchandising is up and running. Dustin did my first run of broken hearted robot shirts, I’ve been doing artwork for his various t-shirt the last little while. Check out his page and the pictures. Unbelievable guy to work with, I wish him massive success in his new endeavor.

Background and text by Dustin of Cloud City, robot by me. I’ll have a full size pic up in commission work soon.

I’ve also joined the 13 Flames Empire Team doing flatting (basic colouring duties) on their Zombie Jesus graphic novel. Check out their page, like it…or don’t…I recommend do.

Zombie Jesus #2 Cover.
Design by Tim Vigil
Colours by Lawrence Denvir

More updates coming, some with extra pictures.

There’s an art show coming up at the beginning of April, more on that later. I know how boring all these words can be.

Flab Hammock

Finished a band shirt. Hopefully I’m not releasing and endorsing this too early. The insane colour was committed once again by Dustin Dame.

Support new music and rad monsters doing stuff.

Nudity Prevention

Did some work with a music venue up in Port Alberni. The Academy wanted some shirts done with their Easter Island venue mascot. Dustin Dame provided the fantastic text and colour, contact him for one of these shirts and all your screen printing needs in the future.

I’ve added this item to the commissions tab, it’s currently very lonely, that will be changing VERY shortly.

Order a shirt now…I’ll wait…