Art Shows

Finite Show for Infinite Awfulness.

This will be the last post about my first show…probably…pretty sure. I just want to thank the people that helped make it happen.

Without Tiemen and Talk’s Cheap, there is now venue and of course no show. He has supported myself and whatever Sideshow Massacre is since the very beginning. I’ll never be able to articulate how much his support has meant to me…he also printed the shirts. Unbelievable.

Darryl, notoriously from SixWordSkits took it upon himself to do the grindhouse event poster. He put together the animated promo with nothing but my drawing of vomiting zombies to work with and then adapted it into the infinitely puking zombies that played throughout the show. This run-on sentence is an attempt at thanking him for his technical know-how and generosity in making the show a proper spectacle.

Metropol printed all the stickers and posters. They never fail to provide fantastic quality along tiny timelines.

Adam for just doing anything I needed at a moments notice.

Most importantly. I need to put out a huge thank you to the masses of people that passed in and out of that scorching hot space all evening. I was thrilled to see so many friends make the trek and check things out. I am still shocked by the number of unfamiliar people that visited, chatted and commented.

It was a reality altering experience, I’ve never had my insecurities been washed away so thoroughly.

When it was all said and done, just about half the pieces went off to new homes and my stock of t-shirts and stickers was decimated.

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone.

Thank you. Everyone.

Forever Awful. First Gala ever, check.

You can continue to see the work all month though. You should check it out. The shenanigans went down at Talk’s Cheap 556B Pandora ave. and that’s where it remains.

More pictures of my first solo outing, after this break.


Forever Awful. On the Radio!

The show is dropping in 12 days. My stress level is doing the exact opposite.

Jason Lamb was nice enough to plug my show in this weeks episode of his Punk show. You may know him from The Zone 91.3 morning show as well as his Punk Show

Punk Show #54

As always, you should listen to the entire show, the music is fantastic and features a lot of local punk. In this case, you should also listen for my plug from 26:55 -27:55.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about…you’re dead to me.

Version 2

Second version of the art show poster. Coming from Darryl once again. Love it.

Share it around!

Coming June 29th…

Thanks again to Clawmageddon at Foxhound Digital for bringing the grotesque to life.

Flying Solo. Parental Guidance Advised.

At the end of June I’ll be having a small solo art show. It opens on the 29th and runs for the month of July. I’m trying to get the word out, so if you know anyone who likes zombies, demons, vomit, poo jokes and ludicrous cartoon genitalia, let them know.

Downtown Victoria at the corner of Pandora and Government.

Contact me with any questions.

You may also be spammed with this message and updates over the next five weeks or so.

Forever awful.

Fighting Irrelevance.

…and losing.

New things to show. “Fresh” on the right will be on display at Absolute Underground for their “Zombie Feast” show, if you’re a fan of blood, guts and impulse driven flesh munchers, go check it out. The nameless muppet on the left is on display now in Monster Party, upstairs within Talk’s Cheap.

Check both these places out, see art, meet rad people and get your fill of cartoon wieners…?


Every time I arrive here I’m surprised how long it’s been since my last visit. I haven’t quite got to the point where I recognize the blog as just as important to what I’m doing in my art life as the art itself. It always seems as though I’m working away on physical things, hands-on things, meanwhile this online presence becomes a no-man’s-land.

With the school season now in full swing, my job has become a weighty creature that can’t seem to be reconciled with my urge to do creative things. I’m still managing to keep myself motivated and still pushing ahead with the creative trip I embarked on almost a year ago but there are days when it feels like I’m living two incompatible lives.


At this point, my artwork/t-shirts/swag are a permanent fixture at Monster Party and Talk’s Cheap. Monster Party will be having its next group show mid-November, I’ll have new work there. There are some small paintings up in Absolute Underground. I’ll have some new work there as well in just a couple of weeks for their yearly Zombie Feast art show.

The Broken-Hearted Robot shirts and hoodies are still available ($15/$35) available directly from me or down at Talk’s Cheap.

I’ll be making a gaggle of posts this evening to try and get things mostly up to date. The site will be changing over the next couple of months to reflect my new work and reduce the quantity of old doodles that really helped me start all of this.

To anyone still reading or returning here again and again,

Thank you.

My domain’s about to expire too. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Just a Quickie Before Lunch

The Zombie Jesus graphic novel is done, printed and being bound as we speak. It was a lot of fun to be a part of the project and I picked up skills that I can now use on my own projects. The book will be available at the San Diego Comicon, Toronto’s Fan Expo in August and a locations around Victoria…also from me. I’ll have some pictures up once the book is in my hand.

As for new work. I picked up some of the tackiest gold 80’s frames ever from Value Village, brain frames! All it took was a little paint.

This handsome fellow was hung and sold before I could even update the blog, a big thank you to the new owner.

I have one more brain frame and a show coming up in August, they should be friends.

That’s All

I was playing with spraypaint, post robot show but still in a robot-y mood.

“You can have her love, but she’ll take your balls”

Hanging at Monster Party right now.

Simple but endearing and adorable.

One more post on the horizon, I like to break them up into “things”

Welcoming Our New Overlords

Robot Party has come and gone but the carnage remains. You missed out if you weren’t at the show but there’s still time, the artwork will be up for another few weeks.

So many talented artists and the metal-loving masses converged on Monster Party, including some emissaries from Skynet. Read more, or look at pictars, after the break.


Vinyl Fetish

I’m really going to have to start updating this thing daily or pretty close. There is so much work being done that when it comes to sitting down and writing about it, I’m at a loss.

Read, there are doings a transpiring.


And I Work in a Button Factory

These have been going so fast I haven’t even had a chance to advertise or push them anywhere. 1″ buttons with some familiar designs, I’m selling this inaugural run for ONE DOLLAR EACH

That’s right, ONE DOLLAR…but they’re almost gone. Let me know!

These buttons come with amazing powers…true story. I was sitting in a coffee shop in Vancouver and I notice a couple with a ton of buttons on their person. I decided people with that many buttons definitely needed more buttons so off I went to introduce myself. I met Robin and Rebecca (I think and hope) Rebecca (if I actually remembered her name) is an animator and just finishing her work on My Little Pony. Robin is an artist and responsible for a very adult yearly anthology called Sleazy Slice.

He gave my a copy of the latest comic, unexpected bartering is awesome.

The moral of the story is talk to people, they are sometime awesome artists who will exchange pornographic comics for cartoons on buttons.

I can’t really show you more of book here, but curious adults can look up Robin Bougie, super talented guy.

Wrap up…

Buy my buttons
Buttons can be exchanged for artistic porn
BUY MY BUTTONS (also, prints, magnets, soul).


I was snooping around Robin Bougies stuff. Turns out he is a vastly published, immensely talented writer/artist/publisher. For super coincidence as well, I picked up a copy of the Inkstuds book over the weekend. Not strange in and of itself but it turns out that Robins wife is Rebecca Dart (I’m glad I remembered her name) a featured artist in the book who had received huge attention for her book Rabbithead.

Holy shit, so rad and strange. Real live, published, creative people. Weird weekend.

Check their work out.

Hat Wappened?

I figured it was about time for an update. Life’s been hectic and with a promotion at work, making time for anything else has been very difficult.

My most recent artwork was and is part of an Easterish show at the Absolute Underground Store/Gallery. If you’re in Victoria you should pop down, it will be there for a few more weeks.

Big thanks to Ira and John for putting the show together and providing another venue for my stuff.

Also for pizza.


I Feel Busy, Oh So Busy.

Just a couple of things to tell both my fans. I’m still finishing up the last of the perks for those that supported me through Indie GoGo, there’s been a slight hold-up with the buttons but everything is just about ready to go.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cloud City Merchandising is up and running. Dustin did my first run of broken hearted robot shirts, I’ve been doing artwork for his various t-shirt the last little while. Check out his page and the pictures. Unbelievable guy to work with, I wish him massive success in his new endeavor.

Background and text by Dustin of Cloud City, robot by me. I’ll have a full size pic up in commission work soon.

I’ve also joined the 13 Flames Empire Team doing flatting (basic colouring duties) on their Zombie Jesus graphic novel. Check out their page, like it…or don’t…I recommend do.

Zombie Jesus #2 Cover.
Design by Tim Vigil
Colours by Lawrence Denvir

More updates coming, some with extra pictures.

There’s an art show coming up at the beginning of April, more on that later. I know how boring all these words can be.

The Past Week…

Monster Party is back. It opened in it’s new Pandora St. location last Friday with a night of music and art. Featuring the art of Kelly Shpeley (plush robots, fantastic oil paintings and elaborate sculpture), Jessica Harvey (the monster face wall and door hand), Me (various canvases) and the man himself Phil Osborne (he built the world, we just lived in it). Read on for more pics.