Not Art Related but There’s a Severed Head Involved.

This is a little out of the ordinary for the Sideshow Massacre blog but I thought it warranted a post. I’ve always been a compulsive collector. The fixation changes now and again but the urge to accumulate, organize and display has always been strong.

As a horror and obsolescence fan I’ve spent a chunk of time chasing, buying and watching VHS…Beta…CED’s, really any old format oddball movies.

As it has before, my priorities have shifted and I’ve decided to sell the collection.

This post is really just a shout-out and huge thank-you to Tiemen at Talk’s Cheap for the space to set up a makeshift video store and the unflinching support of everything I work on.

If you’re in Victoria or on the island you should definitely stop by, you definitely need a stack of records and a box of movies. Trust me.


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