Vinyl Fetish

I’m really going to have to start updating this thing daily or pretty close. There is so much work being done that when it comes to sitting down and writing about it, I’m at a loss.

Read, there are doings a transpiring.

Attended a show at the Phillips Brewery here in Victoria featuring the art of local comic creator/comic purveyor Gareth Kyle Gaudin. He combines a sharp wit with a simple cartoon style and then throws in phenomenally intricate draft work and portraiture just to blow your mind. If you’re in town, head to the brewery and check it out. If you’re reading this from the future, go say hi at Legends Comics on Johnson St.

Finally after a few months of hiding and hanging my head, I’m wrapping up the perks from my Indie Go Go fundraising. The colouring books are printed, bound and ready to go and once the last of my screen printing arrives in a couple of days there will be some massive care packages on their way to my supporters…the most patient and understanding supporters ever.

Lastlyish, I’m part of a show coming up this Friday at Monster Party 556b Pandora, downtown Victoria. The theme is robots so it appeals to everyone with a pulse as well as small appliances and our future Skynet overlords. I hate not having more photos in these posts but the work that I’ve done these last couple of weeks will all be displayed for the first time at the robot show, I don’t want to leak my one work. I will say that there will be tons of original art, merchandise and general swag by myself and many other really talented artists on display and for sale.

For those of you who can’t or wont make it down to the show, I will make a post next weekend showing off all the new hawtness.

Recap: Go to Phillips Brewery, see amazing art, buy amazing art, drink beer. Go to Legends Comics, see amazing art, shake artist’s hand. Go to Monster Party on Friday and bask in the mechanical glory.

Maybe you’ll see more words tomorrow…some sort of teaser…hmmmmm….


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