I’m Back and I got Prezzies!

I spent my Christmas time back in Ontario with friends and family but I’m back and ready to get some work done. Well I was away I recieved a few sticker packs, very exciting. Also, if you pass through Vancouver near the Bridgeport station, go by Sushi from the sketchy trailer caravan across the street, love it.

Keep reading for stickers…HURRAY STICKERS!

Sin, out of New Zealand. His character work is close to my heart, I love simple and packed full of quirk and personality. He also sent along a larger painting. Makes me feel like my pack was a little inadequate.

Kach, also out of New Zealand. Think I need to visit after seeing the work coming out of the island. Ecclectic style, his marker is my favorite sticker received to date.

Egads out of California has a wicked combination of printed and painted together as well as the scariest, most accurate portrayal of Dr. Phil.

Finally, from alwaysfreshmag.com out of my home province of Ontario.

A huge pack of quality stickers. Check out his site, buy his calender, keep art alive.


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