What Do a Unicorn, a Penis, a Crocodile, a Cop and a Cyclops Have in Common?

I have an art blog. This art blog. A place where I can showcase whatever it is I’m working on at the moment and try and get some input on what it is I’m doing.

My galleries of finished work will be all along the top, tab styles, you should check it out…go on, I’ll wait…feel better? Now in this main section I’ll update the day to day happenings and projects on the go. If I figure out how to do anything, this may even lead to tutorials.

To kick things off, the answer to the title of this post, they are all things I’ve drawn while drinking with friends.

There’s a link to the right for Victoria’s Drink and Draw group. It shouldn’t need a ton of explanation. There is a group that meets at the Bent Mast Pub every Thursday night and draws obscene things over beer and occasionally beef. I’m not sure you have to draw obscene things, it’s just the way it turns out. This should give a taste of what it is I do (I’m sorry mom), if you’re in the area Thursday nights, you should check the group out.

Thanks to Caleb Hystad for running the show and updating the Drink and Draw site (and providing scans for me to hijack) as well as Laura Bifano and Trevor Gieske the other two DnD reprobates.

I’ll be changing this blog a lot over the next few days so just be patient as new things will pop up constantly.

Little rewards for the observant.


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